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DATA Act Implementation: Opportunities Exist to Improve Data Quality (AUD-2018-1/PA-17-118), issued November 06, 2017

We found that for FY 2017, second quarter submission, PBGC generally complied with DATA Act requirements for completeness, timeliness, quality, and accuracy of the data, including implementation and use of the government-wide financial data standards established by OMB and Treasury. However, we identified some inconsistencies, omissions and errors, which caused the information available to the public and Congress on Beta.USAspending.gov to not fully reflect PBGC’s operations. We recommended PBGC to develop and implement procedures to ensure the completion of a quality control review of data files before each quarterly data submission and a review information on Beta.USAspending.gov after publication for indications of errors and incompleteness. PBGC agreed with the recommendation and provided actions taken and corrective actions planned to strengthen quality control over data submission. PBGC planned to complete corrective action by the September 30, 2017 data submission.

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