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Evaluation of PBGC’s Purchase Card Program (EVAL-2022-10), issued April 4, 2022

We found that while PBGC internal controls for administering PBGC’s Purchase Card Program are adequate to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, there are several areas where internal controls over the program can be strengthened. First, we found instances in which 25 cardholders, in contravention of OMB Circular A-123, Appendix B and PBGC’s Purchase Card Manual, paid $8,601 in state and local sales taxes to vendors. Second, we found that, in contravention of regulations, laws and policies, documents were missing or incomplete. Specifically, we identified nine trained and authorized cardholders, who made transactions in FY 2019, but whose names did not appear on the APC list of active and closed/inactive accounts. We also identified five cardholders who did not have a request for appointment document, which PBGC’s manual requires the APC to maintain; one Approving Official who did not have a training certificate on file; one cardholder who did not have a Delegation of Authority letter; and one Delegation of Authority letter that was not signed and dated.

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