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PBGC OIG welcomes stakeholders to contribute information for consideration when we conduct program audits, reviews and inspections. Performance (program) audits, reviews and inspections provide findings or conclusions based on an evaluation of sufficient, appropriate evidence against criteria. Our works provide objective analysis to assist management, policy makers and other interested parties to improve program performance and operations, reduce costs, facilitate decision making by parties with responsibility to oversee or initiate corrective action, and contribute to public accountability.

The PBGC OIG is currently conducting an inspection of PBGC’s Telework Program to assess whether controls over the telework program are adequate, effective and implemented in accordance with Federal laws, regulations, guidance and PBGC policies and procedures. We are accepting input on this inspection through January 15, 2019.

Early Warning

We are seeking input from stakeholders regarding PBGC’s telework program. Examples of the types of information that would be useful are:

  • Have you had a negative experience with telework at PBGC, please explain?

  • Was your request to participate in the telework program been denied without explanation or a right to appeal?

  • Are you aware of any erroneous or invalid data being internally or externally reported related to telework at PBGC?

  • Have you experienced challenges with system sluggishness, problems signing-on, or other information technology challenges when teleworking that impact your ability to perform your duties?

  • What improvements could PBGC make to improve the telework program?

  • Do you fully understand the telework program at PBGC?

Early Warning

We welcome your comments related to this inspection. An OIG team member will review your contribution, but we are unable to automatically reply to all individual submissions. You may request confidentiality, and your identity will be protected in accordance with the Inspector General Act. If you provide your contact details, you may be contacted. If you have information related to other areas within PBGC, that are unrelated to this audit, please visit the Contact Us page for information on how to file formal complaints.

Information may also be submitted via e-mail to OIGFeedback@pbgc.gov.


Telework in the Federal Government

The Department of Transportation and related Agencies Appropriation Act of 2001, required all executive agencies to establish policies to enable telework “to the maximum extent possible without diminished employee performance.” The Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 expanded telework opportunities. Telework is a “work flexibility arrangement under which an employee performs the duties and responsibilities of such employee’s position…. from an approved worksite other than the location from which the employee would otherwise work.”

Telework saves money by helping government reduce real estate and energy costs and promote management efficiencies; makes us more resilient in severe weather and other emergencies; improves the quality of employee work-life; and increases employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

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