PBGC - Office of Inspector General

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OIG Value Framework


Integrity. We demonstrate integrity by modeling ethical behavior and by working to meet and to exceed the standards of the professions to which our team members have been called.


Respect. We demonstrate respect for those we audit and investigate by ensuring that our work fairly and accurately communicates the results of our efforts. OIG's leadership demonstrates respect for our employees by fostering a culture that honors the dignity of all. OIG's work teams demonstrate respect by choosing to work together productively and collaboratively.


Excellence. We demonstrate excellence when our work meets the highest standards of independence and quality. Excellent work produces results. Further, an excellent organization is innovative and takes the initiative to address the most important issues.


Providing deep knowledge and sensible solutions through independent, positive engagement


Conduct independent and objective audits and investigations of PBGC programs and operations

Provide leadership to promote efficiency and effectiveness

Prevent and detect fraud and abuse in PBGC programs and operations

Keep the Board and Congress fully and currently informed about problems and deficiencies

Report immediately to the Board whenever the Inspector General becomes aware of any particularly serious or flagrant problems

Report expeditiously to the Attorney General whenever the Inspector General has reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation of federal criminal law


People Focused – Process Oriented – Performance Driven

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