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Fiscal Year 2014 Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Independent Evaluation Report

This narrative report is a follow-up to our FY 2014 Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA submission) to OMB FA-14-101-1 to provide findings and recommendations related to PBGC's information security program.

Overall, we determined long-standing security weaknesses are unresolved and PBGC's corrective action plan continues to push out timelines for resolution. We are reporting nine (9) FISMA findings with thirty-three (33) total recommendations (of which 21 are new) for FY 2014 based on the results of our FY 2014 independent evaluation. In addition to those in this report, there were nine (9) FISMA related findings with thirty-two (32) recommendations reported in the Corporation's FY 2014 internal control report FA-14-101-3.

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